Our History

A Century of Dixie State College of UtahA Century of Dixie State College of Utah by Dr. Douglas D. Alder has just been published as part of the College’s centennial. This book is a complete history of the institution from its founding in 1911 to the present. The first five chapters tell the stories of the old campus on the Main Street town square. The construction of the buildings there is described as well as the initiation of the college traditions—the “D” on the hill and many others. Interviews are included with alums who attended when it was an LDS High School/College combination. These people recall the many social activities—dances, performances, athletic competitions, debate meets—as well as class work, field trips, laboratory and library study. They describe the buildings and the faculty members.

The crises the college faced are included—the 1933 termination of LDS Church sponsorship and transfer to the State of Utah, Governor Lee’s 1952-54 attempt to close the college which was resolved with an election referendum. The continuing pressure to divide the high school from the college is included and how it eventually led to building the new campus. The college was sent there and the high school remained on the Main Street location.

The community college years at the new campus are described as vocational programs were added, many buildings were built, enrollment was enlarged, student clubs and publications were expanded and traditions were retained. The new Gym and the Hansen Stadium hosted teams in many sports. Lawns and fountains and public art and walkways finished the campus, making it a handsome park.

Recent years have seen dramatic growth—the addition of four-year degrees and an overall transformation, which is preparing the college for university status.

Through it all the local community and national allies have enabled this maturation. Their service and donations not only kept the college alive but have helped it thrive. It is a story of devotion and excellence.