Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration

From the beginning, in 1911, Dixie State College of Utah has continued its rich academic tradition.  Thousands of students have entered, studied, experienced, graduated, and have gone on to successful careers.  The educational experience at Dixie has changed the course of their future forever.

As the college closes in on its 100th year we take this time to reflect on our first one hundred years and position ourselves for the next century.

We will celebrate our rich history and strive to meet our goals of providing quality education, offering a wide array of service, cultural, and recreational opportunities and building strong campus-community partnerships.

Since 1911 Dixie State College of Utah has been at the heart of our community.  We continue to evolve into a higher quality educational institution that serves our local community, our region, our nation, and our world. 

In preparation for the celebration of the Dixie State College Centennial in 2011, the leadership of Dixie State College is preparing to enter into a time of recognition and celebration of all the DSC family has experienced through the challenges and achievements of our past and to build for the future.  We invite you to celebrate with us as together we move forward to an even more dynamic second century.